Abby Winters is an australian photographer. She was born on December 13, 1974. She is the owner of a pornographic or erotic website and internet business founded by her in the year 2000. The website sells erotic photography and video of amateur female nude models.

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The website features models aged from 18 to 24, almost always with natural breasts (as opposed to silicone enhanced), and frequently with pubic hair. The girls begin the shoots wearing their own clothes and underwear which they gradually shed, and are often photographed in their own homes and/or outdoor settings. Most appear in both still photos and videos. Many models return for second and third appearances, which may be more explicit as they gain confidence. Winters is also sensitive to her models' needs, going only as far as they feel comfortable with, as many of the models have confirmed on the site's discussion boards.

The site is distinguished by the quality of the photography. Typically the pictures have a resolution of 1460 X 970 pixels, and extra-large images are often available. The lighting is natural, as far as possible, and much use is made of available props, such as an old armchair or colourful bedspreads or drapes. Unusually, sample pictures on the site's visitor pages have full-size photographs and one-minute-long videos that give a true picture of what is available on the site. The quality of the images is cited by review sites such as The Best Porn[1] as one of the main reasons for consistentently high scoring of the site.

The site, which is updated daily, has been operating since October 2000 and is currently based in Melbourne. When the site opened, Winters was the only photographer. Lately, though, the work of other staff photographers has appeared, all of whom are women.

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  • On the FSF Thank GNUs 2007 list, there is an entry in the list of sustaining contributors, which says "Abby Winters".[2]

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